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For the end of the week intro*** I do have a full-time job off the farm. I work for USDA- Risk Management Agency working hard to bring crop insurance to America’s farmers and ranchers. I’ve been there for 11 years and I help create and review new products and maintain one of the basic policies as well as specific crop policies. If you want the deets, let me know and I can explain more about the crops I help write insurance for. When I say I maintain the policy, I also field questions from crop insurance companies, trainers, and other USDA agencies such as the Farm Service Agency, and Natural Resources Conservation Service. One of my absolute favorite experiences is training and field work. Going out to the field for hands-on training with farmers and others in the ag industry is the best way to learn the needs of the producer groups. I love to meet the companies to train them about program updates and learn about their needs and how we can make the insurance process more farmer friendly.


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